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These activities focus on works of art in the Whitney’s collection and special exhibitions. Through discussion, research, art making, and writing activities, we hope to encourage close looking, foster conversation between students, and connect artwork to classroom learning. Learn about our four artist-centered themes.

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Explore a mysterious object.

Ask students to describe the object they see in the box. What does it look like? Ask students to imagine where it came from and how it ended up in this box.

Let students know that the object inside this Plexiglas box may look like a piece of glistening, raw meat, but the meat is not real! The artist Paul Thek (1933–1988) crafted this “meat piece” using beeswax colored with oil paint. He sculpted the wax, adding materials such as nylon thread for hair and tiny glass beads to achieve a globular texture. Thin layers of DayGlo paint and glossy resin make the meat look juicy.

Paul Thek, Untitled, 1966  93.14 For Teachers