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The Whitney’s Senior Studio Art Programs offer an accessible, collaborative environment in which seniors share in a hands-on process of creative expression. We currently offer three types of Studio Art Courses, from single 90-minute workshops to 6-week courses.



A senior participates in a collage course with a Whitney educator. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke

Seniors explore their own personal histories through art-making and discussion about American art in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries. Lectures and art-making at the senior centers can be integrated with a Museum visit to provide a framework for the project. Following the completion of each 6-week course, participating seniors are invited to the Whitney for a celebration at which completed works are displayed and seniors can discuss their experiences.

6-week courses are scheduled twice annually, in the fall and spring. We are currently accepting requests for 2012-2013 6-week courses.

90-Minute Workshops

A senior participates in an Abstract Art workshop. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke

Seniors participate in slide-based looking, discussion, and an original art-making project at their centers. Workshop themes include:



Abstract Art

Art from Everyday Materials

Our 90-minute workshops are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the year. Workshops can be designed for particular works or exhibitions on view, and customized for our community partners.