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Hurricane Sandy Recovery

The staff of the Whitney Museum of American Art are committed to assisting and advising the public as we all recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. On this page we have provided links to useful resources. We will continue to update this annotated list as more resources become available.

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC-CERT) 
AIC-CERT responds to the needs of cultural institutions during emergencies and disasters through coordinated efforts with first responders, state agencies, vendors and the public. Volunteers can provide advice and referrals by phone at the number above.  Requests for onsite assistance will be forwarded by the volunteer to the AIC-CERT Coordinator and Project Director for response. 
Hotline: 202-661-8068

Museum of Modern Art
MoMA has posted a list of documents that provide a number of different resources for recovering works of art damaged in Hurricane Sandy. They include contact information for organizations that are helping in the recovery effort, vendors for materials and direct help, general guidelines for the handling of damaged art, and basic triage steps that might be applicable.

Heritage Preservation
Alliance for Response, NYC is a local organization focused on connecting emergency responders with representatives of the cultural heritage community.

The Western Association for Art Conservation
WAAC compiled and published these resources in response to Hurricane Katrina.
See also: Related content from the WAAC newsletter (pg.12-39)

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