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All artists in the collection

As of October 2015
We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided on the collection is accurate. Our online records will be updated periodically to reflect recent acquisitions and new information gleaned from research.

Taaffe, Philip 
Tack, Augustus Vincent 
Tague, Dan 
Tait, Agnes 
Takal, Peter 
Talasnik, Stephen 
Talbot, William 
Tam, Reuben 
Tandem Press 
Tanguy, Yves 
Tanner, Henry O. 
Tanning, Dorothea 
Tansey, Mark 
Tarr, William 
Taubes, Frederic 
Tawney, Lenore G. 
Taylor, Al 
Taylor, Henry 
Taylor, Henry Fitch 
Taylor, John W. 
Taylor, Prentiss Hottel 
Taylor, Wayne 
Tchakalian, Sam 
Tchelitchew, Pavel 
Teichman, Sabina 
Telberg, Val 
Terranova, Gina Marie 
Tetherow, Michael 
Tharp, Storm 
Thater, Diana 
Thayer, Gerald 
The Orr (Olen Orr) 
Thek, Paul 
Therrien, Robert 
Thiebaud, Wayne 
Thomas, Alma 
Thomas, Mickalene 
Thompson, Bob 
Thompson, Cheyney 
Thompson, Jerry L. 
Thomson, Mungo 
Thon, William 
Thorne-Thomsen, Ruth 
Thrash, Dox 
Tice, George 
Tileston, Nathaniel  
Tiravanija, Rirkrit 
Tittle, Walter 
Tobey, Mark 
Tobocman, Seth 
Todd, Michael Cullen 
Tofel, Jennings 
Tollefson, Carl Anthony 
Tomaselli, Fred 
Tomlin, Bradley Walker 
Tompkins, Rosie Lee 
Toney, Anthony 
Tong, Michael 
Tooker, George 
Torreano, John Francis 
Torres, Francesc 
Tovish, Harold 
Townley, Hugh 
Tran, Tam Van 
Traylor, Bill 
Trecartin, Ryan 
Treiman, Joyce 
Tress, Arthur 
Tribe , Kerry 
Tricca, M. A. 
Trova, Ernest 
Trubkovich, Kon 
True, David 
Truitt, Anne 
Trunk, Herman 
Tsai, Wen-Ying 
Tsang, Wu 
Tschacbasov, Nahum 
Tucker, Allen 
Tuft, Diane 
Turnbull, James B. 
Turnbull, R. D. 
Turner, Alan 
Turrell, James 
Turyn, Anne 
Turzak, Charles 
Tuttle, Richard 
Twachtman, John H. 
Twiggs, Russell Gould 
Twombly, Cy 
Tworkov, Jack 
Tyson, Nicola