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All artists in the collection

As of May 20, 2014
We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided on the collection is accurate. Our online records will be updated periodically to reflect recent acquisitions and new information gleaned from research.

Eades, Luis 
Eberle, Abastenia St. Leger 
Ebner, Shannon 
Ebtekar, Ala 
Eby, Kerr 
Eckstein, Ruth 
Eddy, Don 
Edge, Neil 
Edgerton, Harold 
Edie, Stuart 
Edmondson, Leonard 
Edwards, Jeff 
Edwards, Melvin  
Eggleston, William 
Eilshemius, Louis M. 
Eisenman, Nicole 
El Hanani, Jacob 
Elesby, Sally 
Elise (Elise Cavanna Seeds Armitage Welton) 
Elliott, Ronnie 
Elliott, Van 
Elrod, Jeff 
Emanuel, Herzl 
Enders, Elizabeth 
Engel, Harry 
Engman, Robert 
Epstein, Mitch 
Ericsson, T.R. 
Erma, Thomas 
Ernst, Jimmy 
Esherick, Wharton 
Ess, Barbara 
Essenhigh, Inka 
Esson, Tomás 
Estes, Richard 
Etheredge, Lee 
Ethridge, Roe 
Etting, Emlen 
Ettinger, Churchill 
Evans, Minnie 
Evans, Terry 
Evans, Walker 
Evergood, Philip 
Eversley, Fred 
Evertz, Gabriele 
Ewald, Wendy