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Jessica Nagel
Jon Neidich
Rashaad Newsome
Joann Pailey
Thakoon Panichgul
Annelise Peterson
Sasha Pivovarova
Jason Pomerance
Bettina Prentice
David Rabin
Devon Radziwill
Moises de la Renta
Charlotte Ronson
Anja Rubik
Andrew Saffir
Lisa Salzer
Behnaz Sarafpour
Aki Sasamoto
Aurel Schmidt
Gillian Hearst Simonds
Cynthia Smith
Dani Stahl
Julia Stegner
Luigi Tadini
Peter Tessler
Fiona Thomas
Antonia Thompson
Lesley Thompson
Caroline Trentini
Sara VanDerBeek
Alexandra Vickers
Erin Wasson
Benn Watts 
Luke Weil 
Kate Werlein
Jeanann Williams
Ali Wise
Arden Wohl

Studio Supporter

$250 each

Artist Sponsor
$500 each
Includes a limited-edition, signed, and numbered print by Cory Arcangel to the first fifty ticket-buyers.

Cory Arcangel (b. 1978), HP Photosmart C3180 All-In-One Test (Forward and Back Again), 2010. Inkjet print, 11 × 8 1/2 in.Says Arcangel of his work: “There are certain parts of our  technological lives which tend to come and go without ever having the  chance to be archived. My print for the Whitney is inspired by these  missed opportunities. The print consists simply of the default HP  Photosmart C3180 ink test pattern printed on a piece of paper twice,  once upside down – this latter part being the intervention. The printer  makes this pattern upon insertion of a new ink cartridge. To make the  edition, ink cartridges had to be taken out and inserted into my C3180  100 times thus forcing the test pattern to printtwice for each  print. In the future when printers have different, or no test patterns –  or even when there are no more printers – it is my hope that these  prints will serve as a reminder of how far we have come and at the same  time what little progress has been made.”

Tickets to the event are limited and regularly sell out, so we recommend that you reserve your space early. Tickets are nonrefundable and tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.